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Movement Workshop


Rest Through Movement

Saturday, July 28th




Conflict between the heart and mind often results in tension within the body. Using a combination of intentional body postures and faith-based IFS meditations, this workshop can help you identify and ease your inner tensions. You'll find yourself spiritually and physically refreshed and better able to be more fluid and accessible to those around you.  

Authentic Movement is an active, non-verbal meditation, also referred to as Spirit-led movement. Central to this practice is the presence of the other, the witness. This non-judgmental, compassionate presence creates a safe holding environment for the mover to explore and embody thoughts, feelings, and sensations (parts), inviting profound connection to the body's truth (Self). Often times parts of our psyche that are non-verbal and pre-verbal become known through this practice.

This way of moving is gentle, non-directed, and without music. In this workshop you will be invited to learn to let movement happen rather than make it happen. This will allow tensions to melt and great freedom can be experienced when you let your body lead you. You'll learn how to be "moved by the Spirit" in this workshop. As a result, participants often experience the activity of the mind (worry or analyzing) feeling rested and peaceful after movement. With time, the communication lines between spirit, mind, and body naturally open, resulting in healing.

The workshop will begin with clearly establishing the boundaries that support compassionate witnessing. Each person will have an opportunity to participate as mover and witness, to see and be seen, to be deeply present for ourselves and the other. 

Writing, drawing, and/or speaking follows the movement to integrate this deeply nourishing experience. You will be invited to share your experience of moving and/or witnessing in a mover-witness dyad and, if you choose, with the group.  

This contemplative yet active workshop will be a time of inner silence and reflection. Some of the ways we gain access to our God-given inner resources is through contemplation and prayer. Many of us do not carve out time for such spiritual practices often enough. Come take care of yourself and be filled up!

How to Register

This workshop has limited spaces.

Registration deadline is Tuesday, July 24th.

Fee: $70

To Register go to the "Workshop Registration" Link on this site.

Mail a check to the address below or pay on this website by clicking "Make a Payment" link.

Please contact Julie directly with any questions. 


[email protected]

101 W. Long Lake Rd.

Bloomfield Hills, MI  48304

About the Workshop Facilitator

Led by Julie Honeycutt, LPC, a certified IFS practitioner, level 3 trained for 10 years. She has been leading this workshop for over 10 years. Julie earned her Marriage and Family Therapy degree from Reformed Theological Seminary where she received integrative training of the Scriptures, with relevant wisdom of modern psychology. She's been active with the Center for Self-Leadership (the organizing body for IFS) in several ways and is currently on their Diversity and Inclusion Committee where she's involved with policy change, scholarship access, and outreach on behalf of therapists who are religious.

She and her husband live in east Michigan where her husband is the presiding priest at St. George Orthodox Church in Bloomfield Hills, as well as a level 3 trained IFS therapist seeing a few clients.

Workshop Details

Date: Saturday, July 28th

Time: 3-6pm

Fee: $70


210 W University Dr.

Rochester Hills, Michigan  48307

Updog Yoga Studio in 

downtown Rochester



More About the Workshop & What to Bring

  • Reflections from Henri Nouwen, Joyce Rupp, & C.S. Lewis.
  • Learning about helper parts of your personality that can become burdened and how to unburden them.
  • Quiet times of reflection through journaling & prayer.
  • Please bring a notebook or journal.
  • Hot tea and water will be provided.
  • Dress in comfortable layers.

We will be sitting on the floor in a circle on cushions and chairs will be available for your comfort. This will be a time of inner silence and reflection. Come prepared to take care of yourself and be filled up! 


"The symbols of the self arise in the depths of the body." 

- C.G. Jung





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