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2020 Events

February 9th, Sunday from 1pm-5pm  $20 

2261 Union Lake Rd.

Commerce Township, MI  48382

Sponsored by ‘She is Made For More’ 

Personal growth retreat for all Christian women of any denomination.

Catholic priest, Fr. Jason Brookes and Julie will be teaching about inner healing from a psychological, neurobiological and faith perspective (spirit, mind, and body). They will be leading introspective exercises to aid in a deeper knowing that God is always present with us, especially in our painful experiences and memories. 

Questions and Registration: Kristi Fenske 248.568.7460 - Workshop is full


March 4th, Wednesday from 10:30am-2:30pm $30 (includes lunch)

St. George Orthodox Church Lenten Spiritual Retreat: Contemplative Reflection: How to gain truth in your inward parts (Psalm 51)

Manresa Jesuit Retreat House

1390 Quarton Road

Bloomfield Hills, MI  48304

To registration: Penny Gryparis at St. George (248) 335-8869  

Click here to listen: Join in and listen here to the 2020 Lenten Retreat talk at Manresa Jesuit Spiritual Retreat House sponsored by St. George Orthodox Church, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan
4 elements to feed your soul and prepare your spirit.
1. Nepsis- the greek word for watchfulness or mindfulness (Matthew 7)
2. Taking your thoughts captive (II Corinthians 10)
3. Inviting God into your pain (Psalm 23 & Psalm 139)
4. Intentional self-talk through praying for yourself and finding self-forgiveness (Matthew 22)
Length: 50 minutes


March 4th, Wednesday at 7-8pm after Pre-sanctified Liturgy (5pm) and the Agape meal

Lenten Reflection 

St. Demetrios Orthodox Church

4970 Mackinaw Rd.

Saginaw, MI  48603

This is a free event sponsored by St. D’s and no registration required.


October 9 & 10th National Internal Family Systems Conference, Colorado

Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel

1550 Court Place

Denver, Colorado 80202

To register or get more information: https://ifs-institute.com/annual-conference

3 hour Workshop session on Religious and Spiritual Parts; Christian IFS Therapy

Multiplicity, Relationship with Ourselves, Romans 7, Components of IFS through a Christian lens

Inner Conflict: Polarizations, obvious and not obvious: drawing out the smaller and quieter voice by asking, “Do you feel opposite, differently, anything other than X?”

Personal and Professional Application: Grief (comforted not only unburdened), Create a Truth Page, Intentional Self Talk: Inner Dialogue

Theodicy, Common Christian/Spiritual Parts, Therapist Parts

 Experiential: Inviting the Divine into a Painful Memory

This workshop will provide an opportunity for participants to explore their own spiritual parts, ask questions about their clients’ spiritual parts, and learn how these parts are differentiated from Self. IFS can be a tool to help people identify parts that block them from tapping into their spiritual source.


October 17th, Saturday 10am, Michigan

How to Slow Down the Mind for Contemplation and Prayer; Self-talk and the Compassion of Christ

Sponsored by OCW (Orthodox Christian Women)

Assumption Orthodox Church

21800 Marter Rd.

Saint Clair Shores, MI  48080

This is a free event sponsored by OCW and registration is not required.

To learn more about OCW visit https://www.coccdetroit.org/ocw


November 5th & 6th, Chicago area

Orthodox Christian Association of Medicine, Psychology, and Religion (OCAMPR) Annual Conference

Conference Theme: Christ, the Measure of Wellness: Spirit, Mind and Body

Saints Peter and Paul Orthodox Church

1401 Wagner Rd.

Glenview, IL  60025

Workshop Title: Bringing God into Painful Memories              Click here to view/listen to this recording from 2019.

To register or get more information: http://ocampr.org/


2019 Events

Introduction to IFS Through Judeo-Christian Lens

Friday, October 4th 10am-11:30am

This free event is sponsored by Therapy Space, Troy, Michigan

Click here for more information on the recording.


Depression and Anxiety in Youth through an Orthodox Perspective

Sunday, September 15th  12:30-2pm

This free event is sponsored by St. Nicholas, Ann Arbor, Michigan

Click here to listen to the recording.


IFS Through Judeo-Christian Lens

January 25th, Friday

9am-4pm, 6 Professional and IFS Certification CEU's available

Trevecca Nazarene University

Nashville, TN

Click here to purchase recordings.


2018 Events

IFS Retreat Breakout Session: Rest Through Movement for the Helper; Connecting with non-verbal parts

September 27-30th

Frankfort, Michigan (Traverse City area)

Email Tanis Allen to register or get more information. 


Spirit, Mind, Body IFS Workshop: Rest Through Movement; Connecting with non-verbal parts.

Rochester Hills, Michigan

Saturday, July 28th 3-6pm


Refuge Center: Introduction to IFS through a Christian lens

Franklin, Tennessee

February 23rd



2017 Events


National IFS Conference      Click here to listen to my segment of the Diversity and Inclusion Committee's Plenary presentation.

Providence, Rhode Island     Click here to listen to my segment of the 2016 conference presentation.

October 28 & 29th


Clergy Wives Retreat           Click here to listen to Part I (Friday night)

Holy Dormition Monestary

Rives Junction, Michigan

Truth in Your Inner Parts (Psalm 51)

October 13-15th


Grief and Loss

Ann Arbor, MI

August 1st


Lenten Retreat: Truth in Your Inner Parts (Psalm 51)

March 12th 2:30pm-7pm

Southgate, Michigan


Introduction to IFS and IFS & Christianity with Tom Holmes, PhD

January 21st 11:30-3:30pm

Grand Haven, Michigan


2016 Events


Mind, Body, Spirit IFS Workshop

Date: Saturday, March 19th
Time: 11:30am-3:30pm
Location: Grand Haven, MI 49417

IFS Consultation Groups

2 groups beginning in Februrary on Tuesday and Friday mornings. These groups will be open for new participants in May.

This is a list of the content covered and experiential exercises in this type of group. Not all of these topics will be addressed due to time constraints. However, each group is uniquely developed around taking votes from the participants on what focus they prefer. 

Parts language and speaking for parts

IFS and spirituality

Detecting parts, contracting to detect clients’ parts

How to enhance the safety of the therapy process: Creating a high feedback environment using parts language.

What helper parts get involved in meetings and what to do with them? 

Inner Critic/Shame Cluster

The Forgiveness Cluster

Case Consultation

Inner Psychodrama

Julie facilitates therapy groups and professional development groups for therapists year round. Please contact her for more information.
2013 & 2014 & 2015 Workshops Archived

Great Lakes IFS Conference
Frankfort, MI (near Traverse City)
The Paradox of the Inner Critic: Self-forgiveness & Shame

Introduction to the IFS Model
Come and learn an understanding of your partner or family member who is participating or has participated in IFS therapy. All will be invited to e
xperience getting to know your inner world.

Spirit, Mind, & Body: A Spiritual Day of Reflection 

This workshop is designed to help participants go deeper in their experience by having a group dynamic led by a professional therapist. Therapy techniques will be taught and practiced during this workshop. DoxaSoma is a uniquely designed form of yoga that is presented through a Christian worldview.

We are complicated beings. Our complexity is best explained with the idea of multiplicity. We all have parts like the inner critic, the abandoned child, and the people pleaser. Thus, we are capable of feeling opposing emotions at the same time, causing us great tension. Tension between the heart and mind will result in tension in the body. In Romans 7, Paul demonstrates this idea of multiplicity when he speaks for his inner tension of not wanting to do what he does and wanting to do what he ends up not doing. Using a combination of DoxaSoma (Christian Yoga) and Christian Meditations to help you identify and dissolve your inner tensions, you'll find yourself spiritually and physically refreshed.

Contact Julie to get more information.

God Showed Up In Session Today! 
Internal Family Systems 2015 Annual Conference

3hour workshop
Providence, Rhode Island

Faith and IFS: A Spiritual Tool to Prayer and Meditation

Internal Family Systems is a psychospiritual understanding of the human psyche and  model of inner growth and healing that expands people’s experience of what Christians call “Christ consciousness”, Buddhists call “the Buddha mind”, and IFS practitioners and therapists call “Self-energy.” IFS, developed and expanded by Richard Schwartz, PhD, has been around for about thirty years now, but I found out about it very recently and have become totally immersed.  I feel, like Alice in Wonderland, that I have fallen down a rabbit-hole and discovered a wonderful new and very accessible way of working with my own inner life and that of people who come to me. And it’s adaptable and user-friendly: you can work with a therapist, take the journey yourself, and/or integrate it into your life of prayer and meditation.  St. Paul says that “Christ in you” has been given to us by the Holy Spirit, and its fruits are “love,   joy, peace,  forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness,   gentleness and self-control.”  Well, sure, but how to we deal with all the tough stuff: our fears and worries, resentments and rages, addictions and compulsions, our self-destructive impulses, our broken hearts and disillusionments, and our grudges, phobias and rigidities? We all know that they stand in the way of our relationship with God and the people we love, but what can we do?  IFS has some very interesting answers to that question, which we will have the opportunity to explore as a parish in late January and early February. We have asked Julie Honeycutt LPC, LMHC, an IFS practitioner, pastoral therapist, and Orthodox Christian from Brookline, to do some presentations to the St. Andrew’s community and anyone else you all would like to bring (including your kids 10 and up – they get this stuff really quickly!)  Don’t miss these opportunities! I’ve seen Julie present, and her Self-energy is very infectious!  ~ Liz Tener


Healing the Inner Critic

When we criticize ourselves we forget our goodness.Accepting our less-than-perfect selves is one of those big hurdles that needs to be faced in order to mature on the spiritual path. While it is essential for us to continually grow into more loving persons, it is equally important for us to value and accept who we are. When we learn to embrace our flaws, only then do we truly receive grace.Tension between the heart and mind will result in tension in the body. So we will practice DoxaSoma (Christian Yoga) to reveal and release emotional tension and you'll find yourself spiritually and physically refreshed.

Led by Julie Honeycutt, LMHC, Level 3, certified IFS therapist & certified DoxaSoma instructor.
This will be a morning of inner silence and reflection. We will be sitting on the floor in a circle during most of the meditations. Come prepared to take care of yourself and be filled up.

We will be doing faith-oriented meditations focused to bring healing to perfectionism and other inner critics. This workshop integrates the IFS model with some body-centered meditations and the cognitions of one's Inner Critic.


Participants of this workshop will have the opportunity to experience:

  • Learn (experientially) about their inner critics
  • Befriending their inner critic through IFS meditation, movement and body focus.
  • Understand that their inner critic is not evil, darkness, demonic, etc.
  • Body image issues
  • Giving heady, controlling managers space to learn how to let go
  • Space to let your body tell you what to do instead of telling your body what to do.

Spirit Led Movement, also known as Authentic Movement, is gentle, non-directed movement without music. Since we tell our bodies what to do all the time, you will learn to let movement happen rather than make it happen. This will allow tensions to melt and great freedom will be experienced when you let your body lead you. You'll literally learn how to be "moved by the Spirit" in this workshop. As a result, participants often experience the activity of the mind (worry or analyzing) feeling rested and peaceful after movement. Through time, the communication lines between spirit, mind and body naturally open, increasing awareness which most often results in healing.

God Showed Up In Session Today! Click to see content outline of workshop.


30th Annual Internal Family Systems (IFS) Therapy Conference

When: October 23-27th, 2013 

Integrating Christian Spirituality with the Practice of IFS 

The Internal Family Systems (IFS) Model of psychotherapy has a built-in spiritual component making it useful to Christian counselors. IFS is a modality that pulls from psychodynamic and family systems models. This workshop will present a theoretical integration of the IFS therapy model with traditional Christian perspectives. Topics covered will include spiritual direction, prayer, meditation, and forgiveness with 30% experiential and 70% didactic. Participants will be taught how to use various tools in everyday life as well as in their ministries to individuals and their communities. Attendees will be able to replicate tools learned in this workshop. Ideas on how to incorporate more leadership from the Holy Spirit will also be explored.


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