Truth in your inward parts... Psalm 51

What is your soul's invitation?


What is your soul's invitation? I am honored to be a guide for the journey of soul care. Many circumstances in life seem like a situation to fix, however, I believe difficulties are opportunities to 'work out our salvation' as St. Paul puts it. Whether your struggle is purely internal or your struggle is circumstantial, I pose the question that's also a prayer, "What are you being invited to turn toward in your soul?"

I am passionate about making space for my clients to experience the spiritual practices of slowing, savoring and soaking in the presence of God. Through stillness-of-mind exercises, I guide my clients in learning how to listen to God, and themselves, by learning what it means to ‘take your thoughts captive’ with compassion. 

"Suffering and struggles are a part of this life." Ancient Christian wisdom teaches us that making meaning of your pain is the foundation for finding healing and health. I walk with my clients to find the strength and courage to face their hardships and find their path to peace, joy, and hope by sorting out and untangling the complexity of your thoughts and feelings.

Soul care, christian formation, and professional counseling are woven together from decades of training and experience integrating Christianity with the psychotherapy model called Internal Family Systems (IFS). Every struggle begins in ones' thought-life. Working with me will help you be more intentional with your inner dialogue, resulting in the desired changes toward peacefulness. The inter-relatedness of spirit, mind, and body is foundational to the process of addressing every part of who you are to bring you to the next steps of your journey of experiencing the peace that passes understanding."

Clients with existential struggles will find that the IFS model specifically helps with connecting what they "know" about God and living that knowledge out. Many people describe this experience as a 'head-heart disconnect.' I offer my clients a unique experience of self-discovery by helping you unburden fears that keep you stuck in unhealthy thinking patterns and decision making. Through this process, clients experience long-lasting healing learning how to live in the freedom of authenticity of Spirit-led life. 

Learn more about the history of IFS and Christianity, about my Christian world-view and how that impacts how I use the IFS model for Christian faith formation and teach therapists how to do the same.

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