A Peek at the Weekend

Imagine what a refreshing experience this will be for your body and soul!

Wake up 

Ease into your day sipping coffee/tea resting on your porch facing the beautiful, peaceful Abbot Lake at the base of Sharp Top Mountain.

Breathwork, movement, and stretching

Doxa Soma (Christian Yoga) trained leader will guide participants through a series of gentle stretches and breath prayers.

Breakfast and group dining

Join the group for an intimate breakfast at the retreat lodge surrounded by natural light and views of the lake.

Contemplative intercessory prayer for your parts

Contemplative prayer is a method of silent prayer that prepares us to receive the gift of being with God and interior silence with the aim of nourishing and deepening your relationship with the Indwelling Trinity: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Christ-centered IFS meditation and prayer

Participants will be led through meditations that will cultivate grounding and spaciousness for the soul. After journaling, you will have time to collectively share your experience. This will be a pressure-free space where you will be given the option of how much you share in the group gatherings. 

Authentic movement

Authentic movement is a space where no one is telling you how to be in your body and no task is telling you to move in a particular way. This spaciousness sometimes leads participants to access pre-verbal and/or non-verbal parts of your soul. Oftentimes, these unseen and unheard parts are driving our decisions without our awareness. We’re telling our bodies how to move, here in Authentic Movement, we learn how to listen to how our bodies need to move.

Lunch on your own in nature

Join back at the retreat lodge for lunch or choose a special location on the property to nourish your body and spend time in nature. 

Lectio Divina

Lectio Divina is Latin for “divine reading.” It is an ancient practice of praying the scriptures where you will listen to the text of the Bible with the “ear of the heart.” You will be guided through moments of hearing scripture, reflecting and meditating on that scripture, and resting in the Word of God which is intended to deepen your relationship with our loving Lord, Jesus Christ.

Parts sculpting/psychodrama

By externalizing the inner landscape, we gain perspective which allows us to have a kinder relationship with ourselves.

Relax, restore, and reconnect in nature

Leaders will have journaling prompts and expressive art offerings available during personal time. Relaxing and walking around the property is encouraged. 

Preparing the table, group blessing, and group dining

An intentional time of creating beauty at the place we gather to ‘break bread’ while blessing one another.


A collective unburdening exercise will be facilitated using rocks, art, etc. You’ll have time to reflect on the day’s experience under the stars and by the sounds of the peaceful rhythms of the lake along with time of worship & prayer.

Wrap up and retire to bed

Retire to your cozy cabin for rest and sleep.