Faith-Based IFS Therapy

My Christian Approach to Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapy includes using some of the principles and techniques from Theophostic Prayer and the Immanuel Approach. Sometimes faith-based therapy includes a specific focus of what Julie calls IFS Informed Spiritual Direction/Soul Care where clients come to the process with the intention to:

      • identify aspects of their personality that get in the way of their relationship and connection with God/Jesus
      • experience the healing presence of God/Jesus and how to pray for their hurts, habits and hangups
      • learn how to identify parts of themselves that show up in various spiritual practices such as reading the Bible, the Examen, Meditating on the Scriptures through Lectio Divina, the Jesus Prayer, etc.
      • receive guidance with the parts of themselves that are afraid of God/Jesus or have a hard time trusting Him.
IFS Informed Spiritual Direction (Soul Care) / Spiritual Formation

The ancient practice of cultivating one's spirit or soul ( psyche ) through readings, reflection, discussion, prayer, community, and various exercises aimed at matters of both immediate and eternal importance. Julie specializes in the practice of Christian formation through her seminary training and post-graduate studies with the American Association of Pastoral Counselors as well as her ongoing personal growth through silent retreats, journaling, reading (see resource page for her favorites), and communal worship.

Socrates said,
"The unexamined life is not worth living."
It could likewise be said,
"The unexamined faith is not worth having."
~ Unknown

One-on-One Consultation

Offered to therapists, spiritual directors, and other helping professionals, who want to learn how the IFS model can be integrated into their ministry and profession. One-on-one consultation is for those wanting a deeper understanding of how IFS integrates with Christianity and is designed around the needs of the consultee. 

IFS Certification Hours

As an IFS-I Approved Clinical Consultant, if you're seeking certification as an IFS therapist and you have completed your level 1 training, meetings with Julie can count toward your certification. Please review all of the updated requirements put out by the Institute. 

Some common topics covered in consultation include: 

      • Running a business/private practice
      • Fee collecting as therapeutic content
      • Scheduling tips 
      • Screening for best fit of care
      • Note keeping for continuity of care of parts
      • Using IFS as spiritual direction
      • Integrating faith with IFS
      • Discerning inner critics from ‘the enemy’
      • Strengthening access to fruits of the Spirit/core-Self
      • Checking for safety before inviting God into the process explicitly
      • When to offer the invitation to explicitly invite the Lord into the process
      • Detecting part that could benefit from forgiving someone or forgiving another part
      • Parts and prayer; praying from and praying for parts; styles of prayer for different parts
      • Unattached burdens and spiritual warfare
      • Legacy burdens and ‘sins of the fathers’; epigenetic vs. summoning spirits
Online Sessions 

You might consider utilizing HIPPA compliant online video-chat, distance therapy if you:

    • are a Christian seeking therapy from a seminary trained Christian therapist and cannot find one in your area
    • are looking to for a Christian IFS therapist
    • are looking for supervision or consultation about how to integrate IFS into your Christian worldview
    • are 'high profile' in your community and need extra anonymity and confidentiality
    • live outside city limits and cannot afford the time or gas money to drive the nearest therapist
    • are disabled or ill and have few resources or limited access to transportation.
Professional Development & Consultation Groups (in-person only)

Participants will learn about their own inner blocks to helping those they serve as they learn about their interior landscape of parts through the Internal Family Systems Model of psychotherapy. These groups are experiential & didactic and participants are given resources to replicate what they learn. Helpers such as therapists, life coaches, alternative medicine practitioners, yoga instructors, nurses, etc. are all welcome to participate if they have had some experience with IFS such as an introduction workshop or class.

This group experience has been offered as a 3-4 hour in-service workshop for professional development. Please contact Julie if you're interested in having her come to your organization to lead a professional development workshop based on the IFS model.

Soul-Care Workshops & Retreats

Offered twice a year in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Integrating some of the contemplative practices of the Christian faith with modern psychology of IFS. This is a time set apart to slow down and learn to listen to yourself, God, and others in order to gain wisdom for discernment and life's decisions. Visit the Retreat page for more information.

Process Groups (in-person only) 

Process Groups give people the opportunity to connect with others who are on a similar path. Each participant is screened for group readiness and appropriate placement. Participants will be led through guided imagery, asked to journal, and share if they would like. Participants will learn how to apply techniques used in therapy to everyday life experiences. Interpersonal processing is the portion of the group experience when members speak for their current thoughts or emotions. These processes facilitate intimate and rich connection with others. Participants will also learn tips on how to remain centered with difficult people. Participants can use the group process to help them identify blind spots (i.e., parts of themselves of which they are not aware or with which they may be blended). Process groups meet for two hours, every other week.

Speaking Engagements

Since 2007, Julie has presented at national conferences and to general audiences speaking on the topics of "Integrating Christian Spirituality/Theology and the Internal Family Systems Model," "Balancing Spirit, Mind, and Body," and many more.

      • Healing the Healer/Self-Care
      • Bringing God into Painful Memories
      • The Spiritual Disciplines and Our Many Parts
      • How to 'Meditate' (as a Christian)
      • Healthy Lifestyle: Work/Life Balance
      • Spirit, Mind, and Body: Spiritual Reflections
      • Integrating Internal Family Systems with Judeo-Christian Theology

Mind Body Class

Come stretch your body and your soul in this live, virtual class based on the DoxaSoma method also known as "body praise." Using some postures you might find in a typical yoga class, you will incorporate breath prayers, Lectio Divina with Biblical Scripture, and of language throughout, as you strengthen and stretch your entire body. A great class for beginners or anyone desiring a gentle mind-body practice. Learn more...