Mind Body Class

Come stretch your body and your soul in this live, virtual class based on the DoxaSoma method also known as "body praise." Using some postures you might find in a typical yoga class, you will incorporate breath prayers, Lectio Divina with Biblical Scripture, and of course...parts language throughout, as you strengthen and stretch your entire body. A great class for beginners or anyone desiring a gentle mind-body practice. 

About once a month I offer an online DoxaSoma Class (aka: Spirit Stretch) on Saturday.

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All classes are optionally donation-based. 

Live, Move, Be (LMB) is a faith-infused fitness studio. Their mission: To help others LIVE with purpose, MOVE with joy, and BE all they were created to be. We are a whole-person fitness experience. It is our desire that you experience wellness not just in BODY, but also in MIND and SOUL as well. We strive to provide a positive and uplifting experience in every class through our unique formats, music, instruction, and interaction.  www.livemovebefitness.com/zoom

Spirit Stretch