Where IFS and Christianity Don't Align

Differences between Christian Faith and IFS 
Where IFS philosophy doesn’t fit with the ancient Christian worldview and anthropology.

  1. The ‘Why’ of why Christians seek healing
  2. How Christians define inner healing on this side of heaven
  3. Dependence on a Higher Power (our creator) vs. self-sufficiency
  4. Existential Meaning Making of Suffering (Theodicy)
  5. Synergy: Participating where God is already at work
  6. Sin: Jesus has parts but not burdens
  7. Total Depravity for some Reformed denominations
  8. Dangers of Guided Imagery for some denominations
  9. Testing the Spirits: Discernment using the 3 legged stool
  10. Legacy Burdens and Sins of the Fathers: Epigenetic’s
  11. Unattached Burdens
  12. Spiritual Warfare
  13. Guides & God’s Presence (Omnipresence): Inviting the part to notice God’s presence vs. passively waiting for a ‘guide’ to show up.
  14. Direct Access

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The first 6 are addressed in my IFS Course.