These are areas of focus I have either had additional training in through professional development workshops or post graduate training. My personal journey in these areas heavily informs my approach. I believe I cannot take people into depths I have not entered myself. So, I take a teamwork approach with my clients and believe their way through their struggle will be unique to them and I offer myself as a guide from a perspective of having been on a similar journey.

  • Wholistic wellness (spirit, mind, and body)
  • Consultation for therapists integrating faith and psychology
  • IFS Informed Spiritual Direction
  • How to slow down the mind for contemplation and prayer


  • Untangling the mind
  • Inner Stillness
  • Self-compassion
  • Suffering well
  • Healing the healer
  • Inner Critic/Shame
  • Work/Life Balance- Sacred Rhythms
  • Decisions & Discernment
  • Religious Wounds
  • Childhood Neglect; the invisible wound
  • Forgiveness (of self, others, and God)
  • Spiritual Formation/Soul Care
  • Crisis of Faith/Dark Night of the Soul