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Hello! I'm excited that you're interested in learning more about how the IFS model of psychotherapy interfaces with ancient Christian theology. It's been my life's calling and career to bring this model of healing to the Christian community so I hope you find these resources useful! I pray this material is a blessing to you and those who cross your path.

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Part I & II: 5 hour video and audio, plus bonus materials* $100

*This recording includes the handouts provided at the workshop so you can follow along and pause the recording to participate in the exercises. This package also includes an audio version so you can listen in your car or while you exercise.

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Program Outline

Part I: 2.5 hours

1. What are parts?

  • Aspects, scripts, emotions, etc.
  • Hardwired to avoid pain

2. Multiplicity & Relationship with Ourselves: Genesis 1:26

  • "Either/Or" exercise: "Both/And" tension
  • "Truth in our inward parts..." Psalm 51:6
  • Seeking inner harmony to better reflect the Image of God in you.

3. Multiplicity in History of Psychology

  • IFS is a wholistic approach of Spirit, Mind and Body
  • Jung's personas to Beck's CBT schema's
  • A brief look at the Enneagram personality model
  • IFS Insight Technique demonstrating an exile update and re-role

4. Components of IFS through a Christian Anthropology

  • Self- The Imago Dei 
    • Self is not the Holy Spirit but only reflects the Holy Spirit (General Revelation)
    • Growing and strengthening core-Self with Christian faith practices
      • Holy Spirit Standing Meditation: Embodying qualities of Self and the Fruit of the Spirit Galatians 5:22
  • Managers 
    • Luke 14:28 gives an example of a self-led planner part
    • Self-improvement task force
    • Easily confused with the essence of faith
  • Exiles 
    • Hiding from God using protectors (fig leaves) Genesis 3:7
    • Toxic Hope: resentment & bitterness; unrealized desire; unresolved grief
  • Firefighters
    • A non-pathologizing perspective
    • The pitfall of symptom management
    • Good Intentions Exercise: Appreciating parts without condoning their method of coping. 
    •  John 10:10 sheds light on the good intentions of comfort & pleasure seeking parts.

Part II: 2.5 hours

5. Burdens: Matthew 11:28-30

  • Example: The burdened helper
  • Extreme roles of parts: Spectrum perspective vs. dichotomous perspective
  • Shame as a burden
  • You are not alone. Psalm 23 & Hebrews 13:5
  • Unburdening: Psalm 55:22 

6. Where IFS philosophy doesn’t fit with Christian worldview and anthropology: Romans 8:17, Malachi 3:3

  • Existential Meaning Making of Suffering
  • Synergy: Participating where God is already at work
  • Sin: Jesus has parts but not burdens

7. Four fundamental skills:

1. Detecting Parts & Burdens II Corinthians 10:5
2. Speaking for not from
3. Unblending 
4. Mapping

  • Cluster exercise

8. Family Therapy/Attachment Overview as it relates to IFS

  • Pity, empathy, sympathy, & compassion
  • Some pitfalls of over-identifying with clients' parts: Countertransference
  • Helping parts perceive God's presence and grow to trust
    • The Immanuel Approach Exercise: Inviting God into a mildly painful memory

9. Polarizations; Inner Conflict: Romans 7:14

  • Self-forgiveness: parts forgiving other parts: Matthew 6:14

10. Clinical Thoughts

  • IFS Informed Talk Therapy
  • Maintenance and Anchoring: Spirit-led Lifestyle with remembering practices Luke 22:19
    • Intentional Self-talk
    • Truth Page
      • Write your Truth and mark it with a post-it!
    • Christian Meditation
    • Praying for/from
      • Write a prayer for a part of yourself.
Intention of Use

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