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Recommended Resources

Radio Interview with Julie about conflict:  http://myocn.net/of-heaven-and-earth-come-receive-the-light-radio-interview/

Christian Eastern Orthodox Mental Health Practitioner Directory

Inside Out by Pixar is a great movie about our inner thought life!




IFS Resources

Introduction to the Internal Family Systems Model - Richard Schwartz
Internal Family Systems Therapy - Richard Schwartz
Parts Work: An Illustrated Guide to Your Inner Life - Tom Holmes
Christ-Centered IFS Therapy - Russ Harris
Christian Article integrating IFS: http://brichardson.rts.googlepages.com
Self-Therapy for Your Inner Critic - Jay Early
Spirit-Led Life - Mary Steege
Click here to read Dr. Schwartz's article "The Larger Self" 


Grief and Loss
Shattered Dreams - Larry Crabb

Spiritual Development

Celebration of Discipline - Richard Foster
Meditative Prayer - Richard Peace
Dark Night of the Soul- Gerald May
The Mountain of Silence- Kyriacos Markides
Second Half of Life- Richard Rohr
12 Christian Beliefs That Can Drive You Crazy- Cloud & Townsend
Who am I, Who are You?- Dee Pennock
The Science of Spiritual Medicine –Metropolian of Nafpaktos Hierotheos
The Promise of Paradox- Parker Palmer
The Screwtape Letters- C.S. Lewis
Divine Nobodies- Jim Palmer
Lessons from a Venetian Vinedresser- Robert Scott StinerThe Illumined Heart- Frederica Mathewes-Green
You are Special- Max Lucado
Freedom of Simplicity- Richard Foster
Emotionally Healthy Spirituality —Peter Scazzero
Captivating —Staci Eldridge
Desire- John Eldridge
True Faced —Thrall, McNicol & Lynch
Abba's Child —Brennan Manning
Reclaiming the Body in Christian Spirituality —Thomas Ryan
Soul Talk- Larry Crabb

Meditations and Daily Readings

Inner Voice of Love- Henri Nouwen
The Cup of Your Life- Joyce Rupp
The Language of Letting Go —Melody Beattie

Parenting & Attachment 
Parenting from the Inside Out- Daniel Seigel

You are the One You've Been Waiting For - Richard Schwartz
Celebration of Sex- Doug Rosenau
How to Improve Your Marriage Without Talking about It - Patricia Love & Steven Stosny
The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work - John Gottman
Boundaries in Marriage and Boundaries with Children - Cloud & Townsend
Women Who Love Too Much: When you keep wishing and hoping he’ll change - Robin Norwood

Co-dependency & Addiction  
Safe People - Henry Cloud & Chris Townsend
Emotional Dependency - Lori Rentzel
Power to Choose - Mike O'Neil
Breathing Throuhg Water - Richard Rohr
Steps of Transformation - Meletios Webber
Healing the Shame that Binds You - John Bradshaw
Workaholics Anonymous Book of Recovery
Love is a Choice & supplemental workbook - Minirth & Myer

Health and Wellness
Reclaiming the Body in Christian Spirituality - Thomas Ryan
The Maker’s Diet (This is not a diet book) - Jordan Rubin

Relaxation CD’s
www.soundsleepsolutions.com   Michael Breus, PhD
  Albums aid in restful sleep

Sample LifeScape music here: www.youtube.com/watch

www.mindfulworship.com  try #11 & 24


Healing and helping professionals email Julie for recommended resources on integration of faith and psychology and how IFS can be used as a tool for Spiritual Direction.

Mental Health Links
The following links are listed to provide you with additional online mental health care information and counseling resources. 

Addiction and Recovery
Workaholic Anonymous
Alcoholics Anonymous

Answers to Your Questions About Panic
Calm Clinic

Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity 
Born to Explore: The Other Side of ADD/ADHD

Domestic Violence
The National Domestic Violence Hotline Website
Women, Violence and Trauma


Medications and Health Supplements
Medical Dictionary
Whole Body

Suicide Awareness and Hotlines
Suicide Awareness Voices of Education
Suicide: Read This First

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