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Truth in our inward parts... Psalm 51

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Services Provided

Honeycutt Counseling, LLC offers online sessions only at this time.

Special Populations

  • Clergy/Pastors and clergy wives
  • Lay ministers
  • Spiritual Directors
  • Therapists

Areas of Focus are issues Julie has extensive experience in helping guide people seeking help.

  • Wholistic wellness (spirit, mind, and body)
  • Consultation for therapists integrating faith and psychology
  • How to slow down the mind for contemplation and prayer
  • Self-compassion
  • Suffering well
  • Healing the healer
  • Burnout for the helper
  • Inner Critic/Shame
  • Work/Life Balance 
  • Decisions & Discernment
  • Religious Wounds
  • Forgiveness (of self, others, and God)
  • Spiritual Development & Crisis of Faith
  • Childhood Neglect; the invisible wound

Faith-based Therapy
Christian based Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapy. Using a few principles and techniques from Theophosic Prayer and the Immanuel Approach, Julie blends Christian beliefs with the IFS model to bring healing and integration to ones inner life resulting in outer changes.

Spiritual formation is the ancient practice of cultivating one's spirit or soul (psyche) through readings, reflection, discussion, prayer, and various exercises aimed at matters of both immediate and eternal importance. Julie specializes in the practice of Christian formation through her seminary training and post-graduate studies with the American Association of Pastoral Counselors. With her advanced training, individuals can expect the highest quality of spiritual care integrated with knowledge of the clinical sciences.

Socrates said,
"The unexamined life is not worth living."
It could likewise be said,
"The unexamined faith is not worth having."
~ Unknown

One-on-One Consultation is offered to therapists who are Christian and other helping professionals, including pastors and priests, who want to learn how the IFS model can be integrated into their helping profession. One-on-one consultation is for those wanting a deeper understanding of how IFS integrates with Christianity and is designed around the needs of the consultee. You will receive access to a myriad of handouts Julie has created over the past 15 years of using the IFS model with her Christian clients.

Professional Development & Consultation Groups
Participants will learn about their own inner blocks to helping those they serve as they learn about their interior landscape of parts through the Internal Family Systems Model of psychotherapy. These groups are experiential & didactic and participants are given resources to replicate what they learn.  Helpers such as therapists, life coaches, alternative medicine practitioners, yoga instructors, nurses, etc. are all welcome to participate if they have had some experience with IFS such as an introduction workshop or class. 

This group experience has been offered as a 3-4 hour in-service workshop for professional development so contact Julie if you're interested in having her come to your facility to lead a professional development workshop based on the IFS model. 

Process Groups give people the opportunity to connect with others who are on a similar path. Each participant is screened for group readiness and appropriate placement. Participants will be led through guided imagery, asked to journal, and share if they would like. Participants will learn how to apply techniques used in therapy to everyday life experiences. Interpersonal processing is the portion of the group experience when members speak for their current thoughts or emotions. These processes facilitate intimate and rich connection with others. Participants will also learn tips on how to remain centered with difficult people. Participants can use the group process to help them identify blind spots (i.e., parts of themselves of which they are not aware or with which they may be blended). Process groups meet for two hours, every other week. 

Speaking Engagements

Julie is available to speak to community and religious organizations on a variety of topics, including:

  • Healing the Healer/Self-Care
  • How to 'Meditate' (as a Christian)
  • Healthy Lifestyle: Work/Life Balance
  • Spirit, Mind, and Body: Spiritual Reflections
  • Integrating Internal Family Systems with Judeo-Christian Theology

Please contact Julie for more information about cost and availability.
Click on the Workshops page for more information.



Healing the Inner Critic Workshop

When we criticize ourselves we forget our goodness.Accepting our less-than-perfect selves is one of those big hurdles that needs to be faced in order to mature on the spiritual path. While it is essential for us to continually grow into more loving persons, it is equally important for us to value and accept who we are. When we learn to embrace our flaws, only then do we truly receive grace.Tension between the heart and mind will result in tension in the body. So we will practice DoxaSoma (Christian Yoga) to reveal and release emotional tension and you'll find yourself spiritually and physically refreshed.

Led by Julie Honeycutt, Level 3, certified IFS therapist & certified DoxaSoma instructor.
This is a morning of inner silence and reflection. We will be sitting on the floor in a circle during most of the meditations. Come prepared to take care of yourself and be filled up.

We will be doing faith-oriented meditations focused to bring healing to perfectionism and other inner critics. This workshop integrates the IFS model with some body-centered meditations and the cognitions of one's Inner Critic.


Participants of this workshop will have the opportunity to experience:

  • Learn (experientially) about their inner critics
  • Befriending their inner critic through IFS meditation, movement and body focus.
  • Understand that their inner critic is not evil, darkness, demonic, etc.
  • Body image issues
  • Giving heady, controlling managers space to learn how to let go
  • Space to let your body tell you what to do instead of telling your body what to do.

Spirit Led Movement, also known as Authentic Movement, is gentle, non-directed movement without music. Since we tell our bodies what to do all the time, you will learn to let movement happen rather than make it happen. This will allow tensions to melt and great freedom will be experienced when you let your body lead you. You'll literally learn how to be "moved by the Spirit" in this workshop. As a result, participants often experience the activity of the mind (worry or analyzing) feeling rested and peaceful after movement. Through time, the communication lines between spirit, mind and body naturally open, increasing awareness which most often results in healing. 

Body Centered Workshops

DoxaSoma is a physical practice which incorporates elements of stretching and strength building with prayer, worship and reflection upon Gods Word. The word DoxaSoma is comprised of two Greek words: Doxa, meaning "praise or honor" & Soma, meaning "body".

In a DoxaSoma workshop, participants are guided through body positions as they listen to what their emotions are trying to communicate to them. Through gentle movement, many find that getting in touch with the emotional and spiritual realm is easier than if they were sitting in a chair.

Spirit, Mind, & Body: A Spiritual Day of Reflection  

This workshop is designed to help participants go deeper in their experience by having a group dynamic led by a professional therapist. Therapy techniques will be taught and practiced during this workshop. DoxaSoma is a uniquely designed form of yoga that is presented through a Christian worldview.

We are complicated beings. Our complexity is best explained with the idea of multiplicity. We all have parts like the inner critic, the abandoned child, and the people pleaser. Thus, we are capable of feeling opposing emotions at the same time, causing us great tension. Tension between the heart and mind will result in tension in the body. In Romans 7, Paul demonstrates this idea of multiplicity when he speaks for his inner tension of not wanting to do what he does and wanting to do what he ends up not doing. Using a combination of DoxaSoma (Christian Yoga) and Christian Meditations to help you identify and dissolve your inner tensions, you'll find yourself spiritually and physically refreshed. 






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